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Jim Edmonds Claps Back At Meghan’s Claims That He Cheated On Her With Nanny

Jim Edmonds defended himself in a lengthy Instagram post on Oct. 28 when he denied his estranged wife Meghan King Edmonds’ accusations that he cheated on her with their 22-year-old nanny.

Jim Edmonds, 49, is strongly speaking out against the cheating allegations that were brought on by his now estranged wife, Meghan King Edmonds, 35, and he’s not holding back on his feelings about the shocking situation. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star, who has been married to Jim since 2014, accused him of being unfaithful to her with their 22-year-old nanny, Carly Wilson, multiple sources told Us Weekly on Oct. 25, and she later confirmed via Instagram. The former St. Louis Cardinals player responded by taking to his own Instagram on Oct. 28 and sharing a powerful statement about her claims with his followers, the outlet further reported.

“** BREAKING NEWS ** It’s one thing to be accused of something. It’s another thing to be so negligent and so careless, and ruin the lives of innocent young people,” his statement, which he posted along with a photo of himself on an old magazine cover, began. “I did not sleep with our nanny. She’s not just a nanny, she is someone that we brought into our house and promised to protect and look after while she was in our home. We have been treating and raising this young girl like she is our own child. For someone to accuse me of sleeping with her is not only wrong, it’s disgusting and irresponsible. Just because I am an athlete and I was portrayed as a bad person on bravo TV. Doesn’t mean I dont [sic] have a clue what life is all about.”

In addition to Jim, Carly denied the cheating allegations via her Instagram on Oct. 26. When a follower asked her, “are the rumors true?” she responded with, “the allegations are completely false”, Us Weekly reported.

Before he denied Meghan’s accusations, Jim filed for divorce from her on the same day the allegations made headlines and there was reportedly also an altercation between the two right before the filing took place. “Meghan and Jim have been fighting,” a source told Us Weekly. “The latest fight began when he went to a recent hockey game and she began interrogating him about who he went with.”

Although the drama between Jim and Meghan, who share daughter Aspen, 2, and 16-month-old twin sons, Hayes and Hart, is pretty intense, this isn’t the first time the ex lovebirds had a public issue within their marriage. Just four months ago, Meghan discovered that Jim was exchanging lewd text messages with someone while she was pregnant with their boys. He admitted to the wrongdoing and even apologized in a public statement to Us Weekly. “I engaged in an inappropriate conversation with this person,” he told the outlet on June 13. “At no time was there any type of relationship or physical contact. Absolutely none. This is someone trying to profit from my name. I am aware she has done this to others in the past.”

Meghan responded to his confession with her own statement and admitted she couldn’t understand his actions. “Marriage is hard, we’ve been through our ups and downs, I’ve talked about it openly,” she wrote on June 14. “A relationship takes two but it doesn’t take two to cheat. I did nothing wrong, I don’t deserve this. I did nothing except be pregnant with our twins and try to have a healthy pregnancy. So what is so broken in him to propel him to do this to me? To us? It wasn’t one mistake, one lapse in judgement. I saw the texts – each one represents his decision to throw our marriage in the trash. Why did he self-sabotage? And who sends nudies? Doesn’t everyone know better than this in 2019? What drives someone to self-destruct in such a way?”

Meghan has yet to respond to Jim’s latest statement of denial.

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