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Emmerdale SPOILERS: Distraught Moira pulls a shotgun on Nate TONIGHT

Moira Dingle is a broken woman, and she resorts to desperate acts in tonight’s Emmerdale.

This week, her affair with farmhand Nate Robinson was exposed in an epic way when her husband Cain Dingle discovered the truth and confronted them on a boat.

Hello Daddy! (Credit: ITV)

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In exhilarating scenes, Nate revealed he is in fact Cain’s son – before Moira was knocked off the boat, Cain had to save her (even though he probably didn’t feel much like it) and the boat exploded.

Since returning to the village, Moira has been publicly humiliated as the residents have learnt of her immoral affair – and soap fans have very little sympathy for her.

So it’s no wonder the mother is feeling a bit on edge on Friday night (October 25).

These cosy scenes are a thing of the past (Credit: ITV)

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With her marriage in tatters, her heart broken and half the village hating her guts, Moira faces a very lonely future.

Knowing she has lost everything when Cain tells her he doesn’t want her near the children, she turns her hatred and rage on Nate.

Scenes that some fans might find shocking will see Moira lash out at Nate as she spirals out of control…

Viewers have found some sympathy for Nate since discovering his past (Credit: ITV)

When Nate, newly released from hospital, arrives at the farm to try and make amends, Moira sees red and blames him for everything she’s going through.

And grabbing a shotgun, she points it straight at him.

But is she just trying to scare him away? Or does she intend to shoot?

Well she has got form!

Could Moira kill again? (Credit: ITV)

The timing of the dramatic events upholds Emmerdale’s tradition of going big in October, the month of the soap’s anniversary.

In previous years, Emmerdale – which began in October 1972 – has hosted the 40th anniversary live episode and death of Carl King in 2012, killer Cameron Murray’s Woolpack siege in 2013, the Hotten motorway crash in 2016 and the murder of Emma Barton in 2017.

Viewers know that Moira was responsible for the death of Emma, but allowed her son Adam to take the blame.

Is she capable of killing again?

Do you think Moira is capable of killing again? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think!

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