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‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Alexis Bellino Threatens To Leave After She’s Accused Of Acting ‘Phony’

Sound familiar? Nearly 7 years after Alexis Bellino was attacked for acting ‘phony’ on ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’, her ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ co-stars accused her of the same thing.

A trip to an “amusement park” got heated during the Oct. 18 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, when the families played the blame game. But before any of that started, Dr. Ish had to have a word with former RHOC star Alexis Bellino because she was spending all of her time trying to fix everyone else’s issues, and not focusing on her own problems. When confronted, Alexis said she was doing it because she was thrust into a “caregiver” role at such a young age, due to her mom’s selfishness, and she has a hard time taking care of herself. But Dr. Ish said they were going to work on fixing that.

Later, when the families took part in their first activity for the week, they were hooked up to a inflatable bungee contraption and asked to retrieve stuffed animals with their personal problems listed on them. For example, one stuffed animal said “communication”, so one of the cast members was to retrieve that stuffed animal if they felt they or their family members were having an issue with it. And later, once all the words were collected, each family stood before their co-stars and everyone was asked to shoot them with paintballs according to which family member was more guilty of that particular problem. But most of the families didn’t play right.

Once they all gathered back inside the house, Dr. V and Dr. Ish came down on everyone hard. And they also accused Alexis of acting “fake” since she didn’t shoot anyone. They said she just wanted to be seen as the nice person in the house, and that made her look “phony”. Initially, Alexis took the criticism with stride, but after a few minutes of thinking about it, she burst into tears and ran upstairs. Dr. Ish quickly followed her to see what happened, and he found her packing her bags as she threatened to leave. She said that she already dealt with being accused of acting “phony” on RHOC, and she wasn’t about to let it happen again. Dr. Ish asked her to calm down and come back downstairs, but she refused and even threatened to call her attorney if he didn’t let her leave the house.

Want more drama? New episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition air Fridays at 10pm on WE tv!

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