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‘SNL’: Pete Davidson Confesses He Gets Tested For STDs All The Time – ‘I Look Like I Have All Of Them’

Pete Davidson got many laughs on ‘Saturday Night Live’s Oct. 13 episode when he joined Colin Jost for the ‘Weekend Update’ skit and jokingly compared curable STDs to getting the flu.

Pete Davidson, 25, poked fun at himself during one of his Saturday Night Live skits on Oct. 13 and it was pretty entertaining! The longtime cast member appeared alongside Colin Jost, 37, for the famous Weekend Update segment, which focused on how dating apps are linked to an increase in STDs, and he didn’t hold back in jokingly brushing off the topic.

“I don’t see the problem, Colin, these are all things that you can cure with a shot,” he said among chuckles in the crowd. “I don’t understand how this is even news, really. I don’t know, I understand how people can be worried about STDs, you know, I get tested all the time because, you know, I look like I have all of them. Yeah, I’m not afraid of my own.”

The hilarious actor, who was wearing a denim jacket over a pink tie dye shirt in the skit, went on to talk about the curable STDs and even compared syphilis to having the flu. “The flu can last like a month but syphilis, it’s like four days, bring it on” he said. “The flu is like four syphilises.”

“I guess that’s like a really optimistic way of looking at it,” Colin responded with a smile. “It’s the only way, Col!” Pete joked back before letting out a laugh.

Pete continued the hilarious segment by explaining that he thinks the connection to STDS and dating apps is potentially risking the “ethnic harmony” that’s been going on between people. “Way to go, science! There’s already a cure, we don’t even need to, you know, have a race for it,” he went on. “I read online that dating is actually like desegregating America, like online. It’s like helping, you know. Way more people are dating, like, outside their race and like, their social class and religion, and you’re going to risk all that ethnic harmony just to stop a few busted pipes from dripping? I don’t think that’s fair.”

When a laughing Colin continued the segment by telling Pete he was worried he was giving people bad advice, the funny man agreed that getting STDS was bad and that gonorrhea was like the reboot of the movie Rambo – something that no one ever wanted. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m saying to people, you should wear a condom, but since you won’t, call your doctor and get antibiotics,” he continued. “That’s all.” “That’s all you wanted to say?” Colin laughingly asked. “Yeah, that’s really it,” Pete laughed and replied back.

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